Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adios for a Momento

Camp Neena ended yesterday and although we have pictures to share on the closing, camp internet is still down. I am in the big city now at Daughter # 2's house. Hopefully, soon we will share our pictures. A GREAT TIME was had and the next Camper, R is expected to report on or around July 28 for Session II. Neena can't wait. She already misses CPM but we will all be together soon when we go to the beach. I am being forced to wait on some new cable outlets in my house and they can' t be installed until July 11. Which is really ok because I am going to be heading to West Texas next week for baby J's birth and to pamper and wait on my daughter-in-love. So, I am stepping out of blogging until I'm back. I'll have lots to write about then. Most of you have my email and/or phone so I'll be at Mom's checking email . Write when you can and keep me posted on you. BE GOOD AND I'll MISS YALL! Until then, ride your bikes, decorate your new offices, rock your grandbabies, take lots of snapshots, love on your families. Enjoy the 4th. Myself? I'll be thankful I am not in the STARFLIGHT helicopter enroute to Heart Hospital like I was last 4th. I just want to see a firework this year not be one!

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