Monday, June 25, 2007

Let Me Tell You - It Never Ends Here

The learning never stops at Camp Neena.

Let me tell you, there is a fine art to tree trimming. It is all in the wrist. Safety first. NEVER NEVER NEVER, well you get the picture. Just remember the safety first part.

Once you get the limbs trimmed, of course, you load up in the wagon to the burn pile. We will have a big bon fire when the rain stops. Only practicing the utmost fire safety. Because Papaw is a firefighter and he knows everything about fires.

Now in the cooking department, Neena is the champ. But, we are using "Aunt Becky's" famous meatloaf recipe. Please don't talk to us about hygiene. Or the frogs in the bucket. Or the fact that we have not gotton the tangles out of our hair yet. We have been very busy at Camp Neena.


Snapshot said...

Can I come to Camp Neena? It sounds like the ideal place for a little girl! What precious memories you are making.

Anonymous said...

Camp Neena is still going strong, I believe. Macy will never forget the fun she has had at the camp. It sounds likefun fun fun. Nana