Thursday, June 07, 2007


As of this time tomorrow I will be OFFICIALLY retired. My "master" keys that have hung on my keychain for 30 years to the front door of the school will be officially turned over to the "new girl". I had one meltdown this week but tonight I am filled with excitement, relief, and anticipation. I don't look at this as the end of any journey but the beginning of an ever greater one. I am going to miss the children and my friends at school. I am going to miss all the funny stories, the coloring pages, the hugs and the excitement. Everyday was something new. But, this is it folks.................."NO MORE homework, no more more teacher's dirty looks".....remember that jump rope jingle, girls????

***** Upcoming events that are keeping me busy?

Mother and Daddy celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary........try and top that!

Macy is coming to stay with me for a week while Heather and Reid go to church camp

Baby Jaxon is coming into our lives and hearts around the end of June. I plan to be in Abilene alot the month of June!

Then........drum roll please........

In about a month we are headed to the beach! I can not wait. All 12 of us and hopefully Mother and Daddy too! New babies and all. I am just so excited!

Don't you think baby Avery is ready for the beach and hasn't she grown? She is almost 8 weeks and has brought alot of joy in our family that I can't even explain! She is anxiously awaiting her new cousin, Jaxon to come from Heaven. I think they will get in a lot of mischief together. Macy and Reid are each going to have a baby to hold now and they are pretty excited themselves.


jody said...

Wow...when you hand the keys over then it's really over. No one can ever take your place, sissie, but I'm glad you have a chance to do some fun things just for you. You spend all your days taking care of everyone relax (IF YOU CAN!!)and enjoy a few months of retirement before you hit the road running. We can't wait for Jaxon to get here and you to come to Abilene a little more often. Love, JoJo

Paul said...

May God's richest blessings be on you as you begin this wonderful new journey of yours!!!

Thank you for the life of service you gave and for all the lives you touched in those years. What an honor and privilege to serve the Lord in such a meaningful role!

donna said...

I love posts like this one....God bless you...

Giggi said...

Fun times ahead! We are blessed to have so much to look forward to! I don't know how they'll do it without you at brown. I bet you'll be getting lots of calls for help & how do we do this. Have fun at the beach. Wish we could all go. Maybe later.... Love ya.

Snapshot said...

Great News! Wonderful Plans! I am proud for you. Way to go!!!!!!
Wish you lived close enough for me to photograph those beautiful babies!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy your family!

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

well by now your an old pro at being retired - so where are all the new posts?????

I can not stand how cut Baby Avery is! I just want to pick her up and kiss her to pieces.

Congrats to your parents.

You will have such a wonderful time on your beach vacation!!!