Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Daddy is Better Than Your Daddy...nah nah nah

There is no doubt about it. My Daddy is smarter than the average bear. These are not just admiring words coming from the mouth of his oldest and adoring daughter either. You just ask anyone within a 1000 mile radius of this county and they'll say, "Oh, you are not just a kidding that guy is "da" bomb." And it's true. Not even three weeks ago he sat in with me on an important financial planning session concerning my retirement. He knows that when I don't understand something that I just QUIT paying attention but I still have that look in my eyes that says I crave to hear about your wonderful plan. When in all actuality I have NO idea what they are talking about. That is where Daddy comes in handy. He gets it. He gets it all. I consider this brag when I tell you that my Daddy will soon, in August, turn 85 years old.
He is still the sharpest dresser in the world. Especially that this county has seen. He owns more sport coats, suits and ties than I own shoes and purses. He dresses like that EVERYDAY because he still works full time. Not just for kicks either. He is an integral part of the B. County District Court System. He is officed with the District Clerks but he is the one who organizes the daily court dockets, keeps the judges happy, the juries entertained and full of coffee and snacks. He is adored by an office full of girls who try to claim him as their own daddy. His idea of relaxing is mowing his yard at 1:00 PM in the hottest time of the Texas sunshine. Proving once again that he is immune to having a heat stroke because he is really some sort of Superpower. It would take another blog in itself to tell you all the things that this man does that even a much younger man would NOT attempt. They are things that scare me witless. It involves ladders and saws. Or steep roof lines. He is stubborn but he is proud. Besides the day job that he commutes to in his new Chevy, he also makes sure that our church building and all the souls within are cared for and prayed for. This is a job that he does not take lightly. And this man, is humble. A word I can't really relate too. He is the guy behind the scenes that gets everything done and NO ONE can figure out who did it. But, then they realize that Mr. W has been on the premises. Quietly and humbly on the premise. He will not accept praise and does not accept compliments very well. He does not do any of those things for his own glory. But, whatever job he is doing you can bet that it is to the best of his ability and not done for outside admiration! Oh, he could quit the county probably but he would never "quit" his church flock. He is our shepherd and our spiritual presence in this world where presences of this type are hard to find. Almost extinct. He doesn't just solve my problems or my sisters or his grandchildren, he solves the problems and carries the load for many many people. We just happen to be lucky to be the chosen ones for him. You know from the fact that we are the fruit of his loins! WHATEVER!
My Daddy is a very handsome and distinguished man. If you met him once, you would never forget him. He has a witty side that until the last few years he kept within our family......there used to be a time ( and still ) that I would do anything to hear my Daddy crack up laughing. He loved Yogi and BooBoo. He went hysterical with Barney Fife. He almost was a double for Johnny Carson. The things and phrases he has made my Mother live with are almost unprintable yet precious and priceless. Unless, you want to hear his private version of Flopsy and Mopsy. He can do a word jumble or a crossword in record time. Usually, while I am still looking for a pencil. And he LOVES.....I mean LOVES you to tell him stories. Especially the 3 Bears. I know for him it just means that someone is going to sit beside him long enough to tell him! Last year for his birthday I wrote him his own personal 3 bear story and I'll publish it here someday to share with you. But today....fathers everywhere across the land are being honored. FATHER'S DAY. When I was so young that I could only look up at my daddy I thought I had the most handsome father in the world. When he was in his Air Force uniform he looked so dignified and important. And he was. He still fits in that uniform too! Then he taught. He taught in the same high school where I attended! But, even then, I never cringed that he was part of that scene with me.
How blessed I am to share this day with the one Daddy who is the most amazingly gentle, spiritual, encouraging, supportive, loving, sharing, wisest, funniest, handsome, stubborn, clever, witty man in the universe. Not just the world. His grandchildren adore, respect and love him. His great grandchildren can't wait to be at his house for adventures. Everything he does is special. He still calls me everyday, several times, to see if I have any kind words for him. The kindest words that I can ever come up with are just so simple but so true, " I love you Daddy with all my heart. And you are....smarter than the average bear." But, loved way more.


Giggi said...

We are truly blessed to have the sweetest daddy ever. He is all those things in your blog & many more. It's amazing to think of all the things he carries on his own personal docket, & how much he carries out without anyone ever realizing it. He is too humble to want any recognition, and even goes out of his way to avoid it. What a great example for all of us to follow. Big shoes to fill, even if they are so narrow you can't find shoes to fit! We love you Daddy, & I'm so grateful to be your baby bear. Love you to the moon & back!

Heather said...

Oh how we, at the Sab household, love our P-O-P-P-I! He is by far one of the mose awesome men I have ever met. I am so blessed he is my Poppi. And I know for a fact that my kids feel the exact same way...they love their Poppi.

Maybe one day I'll have to blog about the 'ole card still makes me cringe! Poppi, I know you tried. But, Hez and Math do not see eye to eye! HA HA

Happy Fathers Day....

Paul said...

Praise God for wonderful Daddies like yours!!!

Ashley said...

I sure do love my P-O-P-P-I!! The thing about Poppi is that no one really knows just how hysterical he is.

I love you, Poppi. I'll also have to agree with Heather. Thank you for all your hard work at the ole' card table. You are the smartest man I know. But somewhere along the way I lost the Math gene.

Love you, Love you, Love you.

jody said...

Oh, this is so TRUE! Our father and mother are the blessings of our lives. If only he could understand how very much we mean this and want to honor him. He made it so much easier for us to understand how very much our heavenly Father loves us...because our daddy also loved us "no matter what" and showed us this every day of our lives. Tonight, once again, I'll thank God that he gave me such a wonderful earthly father. Thanks for writing this for us, sissie. Love, JoJo