Saturday, June 23, 2007

CAMP NEENA - Day One Registration

Today is the first official day of CAMP NEENA. Camp Counselor Neena has been very excited about camp this year. The day is going great so far. Our number one camper, Campus Princess Macy ( CPM ) started off the day with a bowl of Cheerios and 4 popsicles in assorted colors and flavors. There has been a week of wonderful and fun activities planned to keep CPM all excited. I think though at this point we have gone all the way through Thursday and it's not even 2 PM on the first day. Counselor Neena may to rethink her curriculum. Also, 5 year olds do NOT take naps.
Then we moved on the manicure/pedicure session in the den which was scheduled for 11 AM. CPM decided on pink polka dot toe nails and decided she would like a french manicure like mine for her hands. It was similar to trying to paint the hoofs of a wild hyena. She did mention that her mommy always sat like a statue when she got hers done. CPM does NOT sit like a statue. After letting polish dry for 5 seconds we had sat still long enough.
So,we headed out to the pool for 5 minutes of splashing and getting Neena, the camp counselor, all wet. With that fun action completed she decided it was time for something else. So, we dried off and went off a hunt for snails and roly poly's in the yard. CPM is not scared of bugs, snails, creepy crawly things, and she said NOT EVEN SNAKES. All of which she likes to collect in her bug basket. We did not find snakes, thankfully, but whe did find 2 baby frogs. It wasn't 3 minutes and we tired of that and CPM got very hungry.
She thought she "was going to die" she was so hungry. So, Head Camper Neena quickly prepared a delicious lunch of grapes, cantaloupe, carrot sticks and a hot dog. It was quickly consumed by hungry CPM. Then she decided we forgot the watermelon. So, we cut up the watermelon and it is very tasty too! Now, Counselor Neena needs to go clean the kitchen. We'll keep you posted ! Finding Nemo comes on tonight at 7PM so we are going to try to have our jammies on and ready for that!


Holly said...

Is there an age limit at Camp Neena? Sounds like my kind of camp!

What fun!!

Giggi said...

Fun camp! Don't forget you vita-meta-vegeman! You're gonna need it! Love ya!