Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HOME AGAIN......jiggety something.

As we drove off of Squirrel Ranch last week, I worried that the pesky little fellows called "the squirrels" would make themselves home on my newly redecorated deck and take up shredding the slipcovers, as they like to do when I am gone. When we first moved to the country amid the 50 + pecan trees, I thought the squirrels were adorable. I knew they were going to be part of our lives. We were after all moving into their terriority. It was better than worrying about something else evil lurking the woods. It was nothing to see 20 or so frolicking through our yard and carrying off pecans and making little stashes. Some we could lure over and hand feed. We even tried to raise a couple of babies that fell high from the safety of their treetop nests. Then a war began between me and the squirrels. They got a little too brave and started theiving my personal items! I found my swimming pool net chair in shreds high up in their tree to be used as a part of a nest. Then the stuffing started disappearing out of some older chairs I had on the deck. Those little rodents are fearless. So, we went to IRON furniture. Not too comfy for long periods of lounging or lying out in the sun. After I finished re-doing the deck last week I was determined to buy some more comfortable furniture to put out there. But, I know I am asking for trouble. I waging an all out war now. It's me or them. I am sorry all you animal lovers but.....I'll spare you the details. If they would just learn their boundaries and stay in their trees and their "area" . They are after all, in the rat family. Sneaky little tree rodents. I know one of my blogger friends loves rats. But, even rats/squirrels can't be allowed to destroy my habitat. I will be gentle in my tactics but I am going to win! This deck is where I plan to spend alot of my time from now on and I can't be picking up wicker furniture and upholstery shreds all day. If anyone has any suggestions on squirrel control, I'd appreciate hearing them. So, HELP! I'm really not a violent person but........c'mon. Do you blame me?

When we got to Abilene we kept ourselves busy finishing the nursery and getting ready for baby Jaxon to move in. Furniture had to painted. Things had to washed and organized. Of course, a little decorating from mom and Neena. She is still on schedule the dr. says. June 30th! I'll be headed back soon. Everything looks great in the pregnancy and JD looks radiant. She is so beautiful! I know she doesn't feel it but she is. I know she is ready to have these last few weeks pass quickly. Especially in the HOT west Texas weather.

I did get to catch a little football action as Mitch's Abilene High Eagles played a little 7 on 7 on the ACU campus Monday night. It was confusing to me but it looked like they were having alot of fun. It seems so weird after all those years watching my son as the athlete now watching him coach. He is the guy in the middle with the orange ACU 7 on 7 shirt and his hands on his hips. His trademark! We are really looking forward to his coaching move over to Abilene High. If you know this area of West Texas you know it is a football town. And the EAGLES ARE THE BEST. I plan to start a collection of black and gold Tshirts or whatever because I plan to catch as many games as I can.

In our "spare" time in Abilene when we weren't working on the nursery, going to games, or shopping, the guys put down wood flooring. I was very impressed! It looks great, don't you think? They saved alot of money doing it themselves. JD's dad, Randy helped Mitch and even Gordon got a crash course. Everyone complained of sore knees from scooting around. After they were through JD and I headed out to the mall to our favorite store and bought a few decorating accessories and put the finishing touches on their cozy little home. Hurry up Jaxon, my little love, I can't wait to meet you.

But, I am so glad to be home. I know they are glad to have their little house back to themselves too! I love to go visit my children in "their" adult lives. It is such a glimpse to me of who they are now. Of their dreams, their likes, their habits, and their relationships. They are amazing children with amazing futures. I am a very proud mom! Proud of all of them.


Paul said...

Welcome home! It sounds like you had a very productive trip!

Heather said...

Wish I could have joined in on all the HGTV things! HA It looks like yall had so much fun! We are so lucky to have an interior decorator mother! yipee! :)

Hope the squirels leave your new furniture alone. If you need any help, Macy will bring her bug catcher when she comes! HA

Love you!

Giggi said...

I think you need a big black lab to lay on the deck & for sure that would scare the squirrels away. The deck, by the way, looks beautiful & so does the nursery & wood floors. I'm so impressed you are all so smart. Glad you had a fun trip. I think retirement is going to agree with you! Love ya!

jody said...

We are already missing ya'll. However, we know you'll be back VERY SOON! Can't wait to meet Jaxon and give her some kisses. Love, JoJo

Lynn said...

Hmmmmmmmm...I think the black lab idea sounds great! You know my Achilles Heel for black labs. HOWEVER.......I have been "threatened". If you know what I mean!

RubyShooZ said...

Hi, I'm new here and just read the first post about coming home. Welcome home. It's wonderful to visit our children, but it's wonderful to get home again too I know from my own experiences.

About the squirells - while visiting my younger son's new house, we noticed his aluminum fence had little marks on the tops of it that looked like someone had taken a grinder and ground them off and there were all these shiney spots on them. When asked, my son growled and said it was the squirells that had chewed them! He also pointed out a squirell in the process of doing so and showed us the tops of the neighbor's fences which were all the same - chewed right up.

What's the solution? ... Nope, sorry, I don't have one. I've never seen such a thing before.

You would think they would go eat your pecans!!

Ashley said...

I give your new deck furniture no more than 6 months. ha!

It looks beautiful. I'm sure Buddy likes the view. ha!

Love you.

mindy tyndall said...

Everything looks so pretty...I agree, squirrels are annoying. But the black lab thing works...Brad has a black lab that lives in our backyard and she keeps them at bay!
Glad you got through the "leaving" stuff and have moved on to the fun...grandkids, etc. Before you go to Abilene, you'll have to come to Fort Worth...Monday's the day!

Anonymous said...

With reference to RubyShooZ's comment about the squirells chewing the metal fence at her son's house, I have the same problem. I live in Lexington, SC and have chain link fence. The only part of the fence they chew are the aluminum ties that fasten the fence to the posts and top rails. They eventually chew them in half and the fence will fall away from the posts. It looks exactly like someone took a grinder and cut along the top side of the ties until they are completely cut through. Fortunately, replacements are cheap and since they are aluminum they are easy to bend and replace. The only solution is to trap them or shoot them, but I haven't done that yet. So far I just continue to replact ties.