Sunday, June 24, 2007


Day 2 of CAMP NEENA has been a busy day. We started the day rushing around, as usual, getting ready for church. Everyone was very glad to see CPM was visiting and especially glad to hear of her CAMP NEENA fun. We ate a yummy lunch off the camp grounds today! We ate lunch with Nana and Poppi. Aunt JoJo and Jim were there too. Everything was extra good.

We hurried home because the sun was shining finally! CPM jumped into her bathing suit and hit the pool for some Sunday free time. We swam and played. Then it was time to get out for a popsicle break. This camp is well stocked in popsicles. We like to eat them by 2's. Is it possible to go through a box of 100 in 2 days? Not really!

Yesterday, Neena the Camp director was pretty certain that 5 year olds do not take naps but today we found out that they do. CPM got out her colors and color books while camp Director Neena layed down on the couch for a few minutes. Pretty soon both campers were snuggled up and sleeping.

We couldn't sleep long because last night we found some "pets" on the campground that have to be cared for. CPM is NOT afraid of anything. We found 2 baby bull frogs. CPM caught them! We set up an aquarium and are diligently working take care of Petunia and Wally. We are making sure they have a proper and natural surrounding to live in while Camp Neena is in process. We found some shrimp pellets and are throwing bugs in the tank. She gets them out of their tank on occasion to "kiss" them against my warning. I think she is watching too many Disney princess movies! But, if she gets warts on her lips this might be her last year allowed to attend this prestigious camp. However, we learned on the computer that we are going to have to let them go back to nature when camp is over. Frogs have to live in the wild where they can find food plus they might miss their mommies like CPM does. But, so far no tears! From the frogs or CPM.

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