Monday, June 18, 2007

Blessed Again!

Happy parents before 2007 drama! My nephew and niece-in-love, the subject of your many blessed prayers! With Big Brother, Jack in charge there is nothing to fear!

THE BEST NEWS .....Samuel Ray is here! I've been waiting for my sister, Giggi, to post photos but I think she has collapsed in a heap somewhere after all these long months of waiting, caring for everyone, and trying to be normal. But, he is here. All 3 pounds 14 ounces. 16 inches long. With his little legs curled up his other precious MIMI said he is about as long as a ruler! Beautiful baby, head full of hair and perfectly formed. The NICU was all in the room on standby to rush him off in the special bed but he gulped a big breath of room air and God said "IT IS GOOD!" He's been breathing on his own since. Amid a room of tears he was walked down to the NICU where he will be until sometime in August when he was actually due to arrive. Maybe home sooner if things keep going great. I wasn't there and when I talked to Kathy ( my sister, Sam and Jack's Giggi, she was sobbing with happiness and that made me cry so mostly we just rejoiced with each other silently! Big brother Jack is not sure what to think yet! There were a few scary moments today like there has been since Tine got sick in January, but God was and is in control as we have known all along. THANKS to all of you who prayed and cared. Maybe pics tomorrow.

It's almost midnight and I would love to tell you that I have had a most productive day! NOT. I have had fun though. I had a manicure, had my hair touched up (?) whatever, then spent the afternoon with a friend's 8 year old daughter and laughed myself silly! I took her to tumbling class.....I could never do those things even when I was 8. Back flips, front flips, round offs...I was exhausted when we left from watching. Then we came home where she realizes the rules are lax at my house. We watched movies, played SORRY, swam, ate everything she could find and nothing nutritious. Her mom and dad had a night out and just picked her up about 15 minutes ago. I should have kept her overnight because those big brown eyes were starting to bat viciously to stay awake. I am trying to get in practice because my precious Macy is coming to stay the entire week next week! I can NOT wait. Reid and Heather are going to church camp so there will be some 1 on 1 around here with her. Unless of course Mitch and JD call me that baby Jaxon is on her way and then it's off to Abilene ( 5 hours ) again with Macy as my sidekick! It's never a dull minute no matter what I say. Can you say CRAZY?
*** Check out my daughter, Heather's, special prayer request for a friend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm glad Baby Sam got here safe and sound!

Amy said...

I am so relieved and happy for this family. I hope and pray that sweet baby grows quickly and is healthy.

What a miracle that a baby so small is perfectly formed and breathing on his own!!

DJG said...

Praise God.